Discover Card Smarts

With fierce competition and an abundance of financial content available, Discover wanted to turn their credit card blog into a best in class knowledge hub. It needed to reflect their visual identity and drive on page engagement.

Digital Arts designed and built a fresh mobile first content hub with a reworked and tested taxonomy that helps consumers find what they need and ultimately guides them to convert. We focused on getting the foundations right – making it accessible, enhancing the consumer experience and enabling Discover to publish efficiently.

Beer Jerk Run Club

Beer Jerk Run club is a running club based in Mount Eden / Maungawhau, Auckland. I’d spent some time with them and offered to create a new logo and branding for them so they can expand.

Initial research and exploration was kicked off with the leads of the club offering feedback. Afterwards the branding colours and rules were set up along with posters and tees.

Latest projects

Paradise, re-explored

The work of Sāmoan-Japanese artist Yuki Kihara reclaims the work of Paul Gauguin’s from a Fa’afafine (Sāmoa’s ʻthird gender’) perspective. This year, Kihara became the second New Zealander of Pacific descent to be invited to global Biennales.

Travel restrictions due to the pandemic meant that attendees from Aotearoa and across the globe would not have access to the international exhibition.

Therefore, our challenge question for this project was: How might we turn travel restrictions into an opportunity for making the arts more accessible?

Our answer was to collaborate with the Arts Council of New Zealand toi Aotearoa and Yuki Kihara to create an AI-supported virtual experience that opened access to the exhibition from anywhere.

Examples of artwork information screen, accessed by scanning the artwork in the art gallery with the phone camera

The results

IRL visitors to the exhibition during the first 4 days
Virtual visitors to the exhibition
Page views for the web experience
Countries virtually attended the exhibition

Latest projects

2degrees Real Mode

To help encourage more balanced phone use, 2degrees has launched an initiative that rewards New Zealanders for putting their phones down for a bit, and spending more time with each other – for realsies. 
So let’s live life unfiltered and switch our phones off for a bit. Download the Real Mode app at

Discussion in the media

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How 2degrees Encouraged People to Switch to Real Mode

News hub:

2degrees launches ‘Real Mode’ app to help Kiwis balance online and offline lives

Stop Press:

2degrees and TBWA\NZ ask people to switch off their phones (for a bit)

IT Brief:

2degrees helps working Kiwis switch off with new app

The work:

Latest projects