Discover Card Smarts

With fierce competition and an abundance of financial content available, Discover wanted to turn their credit card blog into a best in class knowledge hub. It needed to reflect their visual identity and drive on page engagement.

Digital Arts designed and built a fresh mobile first content hub with a reworked and tested taxonomy that helps consumers find what they need and ultimately guides them to convert. We focused on getting the foundations right – making it accessible, enhancing the consumer experience and enabling Discover to publish efficiently.

Department for Work & Pensions

The DWP needed an omni-channel experience that enabled them to make their jobs easier. The application enabled users to perform feedback, read the latest news, learn new skills and search across the entirety of DWP for contacts.

A new character was created called ‘Digi’ which was built as a friendly face and digital assistant to help the user. The user could ask Digi anything they wanted via a chat interface.

Latest projects

Boots pharmacy app

The current boots app was looking out of date and required an update. The UI was based on GEL, the Global Experience Language that was developed in trials. These trials included a Digital rewards card and Order & Collect, a new way of collecting parcels to make it easier for store colleagues and customers.

Burberry World

Burberry required a multi-platform social network. Thus allowing each employee to communicate with one another across the globe, share ideas via groups, allow Internal Communications to spread news and important information along with a host of other features.

The idea behind the design was to make it fully responsive and add new features to it such as the ability to nominate and track the Burberry Awards scheme, interact with groups and have new ways of sharing rich media with others. A brand new UI was implemented along with a custom icon set which paved the way for a new UI kit for Burberry on the whole.