The first round of testing for Delivery Saver involved interviews with staff and real customers. During this phase, the project team spoke to customers who had used the delivery service in the past and asked them questions about their experience. They also spoke to staff members who were responsible for delivering groceries to customers and managing the delivery process.

Through these interviews, the project team was able to identify some common pain points that customers and staff experienced. For instance, customers mentioned that they often found delivery fees to be expensive and inconvenient, and that they would be willing to pay a subscription fee for free delivery. On the other hand, staff members mentioned that they sometimes faced challenges in managing delivery routes and schedules, and that the delivery process could be streamlined.

The project team used this feedback to make several changes to the Delivery Saver service. They decided to offer customers the option to pay for delivery on a per-order basis rather than requiring a subscription fee, which addressed the concerns of customers who preferred to shop in-store. They also worked on improving the delivery process by hiring additional staff and improving delivery scheduling.

The second round of user testing involved in-person interviews with a larger group of customers. During this phase, the project team presented customers with a prototype of the Delivery Saver service and asked for feedback. The team observed how customers interacted with the service and asked follow-up questions to understand any issues or concerns.

Overall, the Delivery Saver project was successful in providing customers with a convenient and affordable delivery option. By using a combination of interviews with staff and real customers, the project team was able to identify key pain points and make necessary changes to the service to address them. The team’s willingness to listen to feedback and make adjustments ensured that the service met the needs of its users and was ultimately successful.

The results

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