About me

I’m Paul or “Hux” as most of my colleagues call me. I’ve spent the last 12 years building up a range of design skills. Examples include design system creation, product design and experience design.

I’ve had a varied career working at startups, heritage brands, large companies and some of the best agencies in London before making the jump over to New Zealand to work with Digital Arts Network. All this has given me a well-rounded view of design and how to work with any client or brief.

If you have any questions about my design skills, ability on the guitar or running please drop me a message.

“Incredibly technically proficient, Paul is also the go-to guy for design systems and all manner of wizardry.”

Tom Ellis, Design Director

“His design work is always aesthetically pleasing, but crucially, he works hard to address user feedback and is a great problem solver too.”

Sam Gilbey, Art Director
Myself and my hovering Art Director, Salem.