Font Foundry

The Kraken Font Foundry was conceived in early 2008, when I created my very first typeface; Arcadia. a typeface based upon the gaming cult classic 'Space Invaders'.

This began a love affair with unusual and slightly off the cuff typefaces, during experimentation with connecting letter forms, the typefaces Unremitting and Squiggles (which were showcased at 'D&AD New Blood' & 'Eleven Pt') emerged from the murky notebooks and moleskines.

Later on after a searching for a suitable fat font in a small project I took it upon myself to design my own, thus Bollard was created in the space of 48 hours.

About Bollard

Bollard is a fat and cuddly sans serif typeface which was created during typographic experiments with simple shapes and elements. It works best at sizes over 72pt and with simple contrasting colours.

Light Dark
This is bollard This is bollard This is bollard This is bollard This is bollard