UI & UX design

In July 2016 I was brought into AirPortr. Straight away the main goal was to create a new visual identity in preparation for the launch of a new service launching in early October. First off a basic UI pattern had to be established along with simple design rules to enable a quick launch. Constant reviews were essential both on a visual side to ensure constancy throughout the site and a UX side with rapid user testing to ensure ease and simplicity.

The visual identity of the website and other digital touch points continues to be expanded by myself with feedback coming from the heads of product, development, customer service and marketing.

Illustration and iconography

Illustrations were created to provide a warm, caring tone of voice to the vibrant colour palette. These also enabled the team to show other wise mundane or difficult to photograph tasks such as passport screening, the act of x-raying luggage and printing boarding passes.

Iconography plays an important role also in showing the customer what will happen during their journey. A series of over 100+ icons was created just for the website alone.