Work history

Kingfisher Digital

June 2017 x Present

Currently in a feature team working on Design My Space, a website that enables people to improve their homes by giving them the knowledge and tools to do so.

Previously based in the design system team, known around the office as 'Team Lego'. My main responsibility was to ensure all digital touch points have a consistent look and feel. Along with talking to all the feature teams to ensure everyone is happy with the direction of designs.

Unfortunately I can't tell you everything that I'm working on due to a NDA but rest assured it's excellent.


July 2016 x June 2017

I was tasked with creating a new digital identity for the brand to be used across websites, apps & other digital touch points. Took the lead on a redesign of the new website as well folding feedback from senior stakeholders, marketing and sales teams into updates.

Began user testing to explore ideas within the Portr booking system which needed to be expanded to accommodate a new product in partnership with British Airways. Further built on the new digital identity to create a set of guidelines for all employees with information about typography, colour, iconography, tone, style & illustrations.

Seven Seconds + BBH

July 2015 x July 2016

I was brought in to work primarily within Boots BetaLab — an ideas lab made up with members of Boots, Seven Seconds, and Accenture. The workload consisted of quickly prototyping and testing ideas such as digital advantage cards, weight loss programmes, and package tracking + delivery methods. Any ideas that worked and tested well were then combined into a full redesign of the Boots app with a fresh new UI kit.

As well as working on Boots I worked on other clients such as British Airways, Virgin Media and PayDashboard.

Basically I designed a lot of cool stuff.


February 2012 x July 2015

Working as part of the Digital Platforms Team, I was tasked with creating visually stimulating and engaging web interfaces.

Notable contributions to the company include design lead on a new checkout process, design lead and UX support on Burberry World (an internal social network), design support to other projects including, a stock lookup app, an MPOS app and updates to the visual language and identity used throughout all platforms.

I also got a few sweet trench coats too.

Mr Site

May 2009 x February 2012

Over the years my role in the company developed and evolved which enabled me to work on a wide variety of projects. These have included: A redesign of the company and product identities, website development and maintenance, web application interfaces and creation of print advertising such as tube adverts, flyers, tees and trade show stands.

You're still here? Excellent. If you’d like to chat or simply interested in finding out more, email me at or get on the blower and call me on 07905 897 024.